My fren asked me y did i use different language in different post? Sorry to disappoint him but there is no satisfying answer. For some reason, maybe i will use such a freaky formal language in term to show respect.
If the issue touches the sensitivity such as religions, politics, also races among the public reader, i have no intention for being mean even though it has own target audience. I love using rojak melayu+english+kelantan while writing, it proofs idea.
I believe some peeps will say ~poyo~. Haha. Misperception, but i am the kind open minded person either. I love reading, mostly regarding politics in Malaysia. OMG author, shut the f*** up. I have read a lot journals, articles and books. Yet, i still found Malaysia's politics is the best story that i ever read.
The beautiful and abstract of each event, of single phrase mentioned, of any action taken in our country was really sophisticated. If Sci-Fi is more complex than politic, at least it has its own calculation and answer for each action. Love? Yes, it is really complicated, but if the person die, the love will change. But politic... Assumptions just do nothing, calculation is impossible, Love? If the person get killed, nothing will change. Betrayal? Is the flesh and blood. Each politician comes toward with their agenda, strategy, and target.
As long as we live, politic merely an ordinary news among us. Day by day, until a long period onward, it will become history. Don't be fooled by our past fake history. Everything have been changed and fixed for the sake of 'them'..

Love our politic, love our future


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